Depending on the size of your restaurant it makes sense to work with one code or with several (e.g. per room or per table). A large restaurant will work with codes per table. A restaurant with 3 tables in one room is more likely to work with one code. The aim is to provide the authorities with the best possible support in identifying category 1 contact persons. How many codes you finally create is up to you.

Category I contacts are contacts with high risk exposure

(i.e. contact person at high risk of infection), in Austria defined as 

  • Persons* who had cumulative face-to-face contact with a confirmed case for 15 minutes or more at a distance of ≤2 metres (especially household contacts). 

  • Persons* who have been in the same room (e.g. classroom, meeting room, rooms of a health facility) with a confirmed case at a distance ≤ 2 metres for 15 minutes or longer. 

*If, with regard to the contact with the confirmed case, suitable and verifiably correctly implemented measures to minimise the risk of infection (e.g. partition wall, wearing of mouth and nose protectors on both sides1 ) were available, persons may be classified as Category II contact persons by way of derogation. Irrespective of this, the procedure for PCR testing in these cases is the same as for Category I contact persons (see below). 

  • Persons who, regardless of distance, were most likely to be exposed to relevant concentrations of aerosols (e.g. celebrating, singing together or playing sports indoors) or who had unprotected, direct contact with infectious secretions of a confirmed case. 

  • People who have had direct physical contact (e.g. shaking hands) with a confirmed case.

Further information of the Austrian authority can be found here: Ministry of Social Affairs